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Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

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Glossary of Terms

Refugee · Migrant · Asylum Seeker · Stateless Person · Internally Displaced Persons · Human Trafficking · Non-Refoulement · Unaccompanied Minors · Well-founded Fear of Persecution · International Protection · Geographical Limitation · Human Rights · Click for other terms...

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Legal Texts

National Legislation (Turkey) · National Legislation (Greece) · International Law and Related Legislation · ECtHR Cases · UNHCR Guidelines · ExCom Conclusions · Readmission Agreements · GNAT General Debate Minutes · GNAT Written Questions · PACE Documents

Non-governmental organisations

Association for Solidarity with Refugees · Amnesty International · Human Rights Research Association · Helsinki Citizens Assembly · Kaos GL · Turkey Refugee Rights Coordination · European Council on Refugees and Exiles · Click for other NGOs...

UNHCR · Directorate General of Migration Management · European Court of Human Rights · International Organization for Migration · FRONTEX · CoE Commissioner for Human Rights · UNHCR Executive Committee · Click for other organisations...
Europe · Turkey · Greece · Africa · Middle East · LGBTT · Turkey Progress Reports
English-Turkish Refugee Terminology