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Protection and guaranteeing of fundamental rights and freedoms and physical security of individuals are in fact liabilities of their country of origin. However, there have always been periods in which countries willingly or unwillingly failed to protect these fundamental rights and freedoms throughout the course of history. In situations which the country of origin willingly or unwillingly fails to provide protection to their citizens, international protection comes to the fore. Countries are obliged to provide protection to refugee seeking asylum in their country. Countries of refuge are liable to provide fundamental rights and freedoms and basic life standards of these refugees.

UNCHR is also liable to guarantee the protection of refugees within their country of refuge and to provide support to the relevant countries. However, the point to be remembered here is that UNHCR is not a supranational organization. UNHCR shall not act on behalf of these countries and it shall not undertake the duties of these countries. In this sense, the duty of UNCHR is to provide support to the country of refuge for the appropriate realization of their liabilities.

Under the scope of protection, it shall be guaranteed that refugees benefit from economical and social rights at least in the level of procurement to the other foreigners residing in that particular country and there must not be discrimination between different refugee groups. One of the basic principles of the International law is the principle of non-refoulement and this principle must be implemented with great attention and care. Refugees must not be forced to return to the place in which they are under danger.

Source: Orçun Ulusoy; 2009; Sorularla İnsan Hakları; İnsan Hakları Gündemi Derneği; Turkish 

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