Internal Flight Alternative

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Internal flight alternative (or "Internal Relocation") is a term used to describe the condition where the asylum seeker relocates within his country of origin to escape from danger of being persecuted. Internal flight alternative brings along drawbacks by limiting the access to status determination procedures or being used to reject refugee status.

Assuming that the person shall escape from danger of being persecutes by “relocating within the country of origin” is not always an appropriate approach. Rejection of the status based on this particular assumption might result in the deprivation of protection of an applicant who should have been protected according to his story and his particular condition. Therefore whole aspects of the asylum application have to be considered and “internal flight alternative” has to be applied in various restricted conditions, in the course of status determination.

Source: Orçun Ulusoy; 2009; Sorularla İnsan Hakları; İnsan Hakları Gündemi Derneği; Turkish

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