Group-Based Protection Responses

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Approaches whereby the protection and assistance needs of refugees are addressed without previously determining their status on an individual basis. Appropriate where asylum-seekers arrive en masse and individualized procedures are neither feasible nor necessary (the cause of flight often being self-evident). The two main approaches are recognition of refugee status on a prima facie basis and the provision of temporary protection.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR Master Glossary of Terms, June 2006, Rev.1, available at:

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Glossary of Terms

Refugee · Migrant · Asylum Seeker · Stateless Person · Internally Displaced Persons · Human Trafficking · Non-Refoulement · Unaccompanied Minors · Well-founded Fear of Persecution · Deportation · Safe Third Country · International Protection · Geographical Limitation · Reception Center · Human Rights · Click for other terms...