Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme

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 'Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme' (ExCom), provides counseling duties related to the execution of UNHCR functions. ExCom, founded by 25 member states in the year of 1958, currently has 76 members and holds its annual meetings in Geneva.

NGOs have the observer status in annual meetings in which annual program and budget of UNHCR is determined, international recommendations are presented and opinions on other issues are delivered.

ExCom decisions continue to act as significant and effective sources related to the establishment and development of the refugee law since the year of 1975 when the subcommittee related to international protections was established. Although ExCom decisions do not have binding status with regard to the legislation of the countries, these decisions should be considered by them in enforcement phases since these decisions set the principles related to encountered refugee problems.

Source: Orçun Ulusoy; 2009; Sorularla İnsan Hakları; İnsan Hakları Gündemi Derneği; Turkish


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