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What is it?

madde14.org (article 14; Universal Declaration of Human Rights ) is a database on migration and asylum issues. It aims to collect asylum and migration related reports, legislation, guidelines and other relevant documents with a focus on Turkey and Greece.

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madde14.org database was first launched in May 2010 in Turkish as a personal project. The English section has started in 2013. The website is still financed individually while Amnesty International Turkey Section, Association for Solidarity with Refugees and Turkey Coodination for Refugee Rights kindly provide documents. And Ms. M.J.W. provides -almost- perfect coffee.

madde14.org aims to provide entry level information to activists and interested individuals and create an easy-to-find database on natonal legislation and reports for researchers and academics.

What it is not?

madde14.org is not an organisation . It is simply a personal project to create a database on migration and asylum issues. It doesn't have capacity or target to help individuals and does not provide counselling service or any other forms of support.
Also madde14.org cannot guarantee the currency or accuracy of the content.

How to use it?

There are 6 main categories in madde14.org; Basics, Legal Text, NGOs, Reports, Organisations and Dictionary.

Get in touch!

e-mail: bilgi @ madde14.org

twitter: orcunu