AI - Turkey: National authorities and the international community must act in partnership to meet the needs of Syrian refugees

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Amnesty International report; Turkey: National authorities and the international community must act in partnership to meet the needs of Syrian refugees. Published in April 2013.

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The ongoing internal armed conflict in Syria is fuelling a mass outflow of people seekingsafety abroad, with more than 1.3 million refugees from Syria having fled to other countries,in particular Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Increasing efforts need to be taken to ensurethat refugees from Syria are being adequately protected and assisted until they are able toreturn safely to their homes.

Amnesty International is issuing this briefing to highlight concerns regarding the situation ofrefugees from Syria, particularly in Turkey, as part of its ongoing campaigning in relation topolicies and practices relating to refugees in the country[1]. The document is based onAmnesty International’s research on the ground in February 2013 including interviews withrefugees, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international governmental organizations(IGOs), and the Turkish authorities at various levels. Amnesty International delegates visitedthree provinces bordering Syria, in Hatay, Gaziantep and Kilis. The research formed part ofAmnesty International’s continuing work monitoring the situation of Syrian refugees.
Amnesty International notes the considerable steps taken by neighbouring states to hostSyrian refugees forced to flee the country due to violence, persecution and human rightsabuses and urges the national authorities in all these countries to take further steps to ensurethe protection of all those fleeing the worsening conditions in Syria.
In particular, countries neighbouring Syria must ensure that all those fleeing persecution andhuman rights abuses in Syria are given access to their territory and are not forcibly removedto Syria. Countries hosting refugees from Syria must ensure that refugees have access toessential services such as adequate shelter, food, healthcare and education.
Amnesty International is also calling on the international community, in the spirit ofresponsibility sharing, to significantly step up their contribution to the protection of refugeesin countries neighbouring Syria, through financial and technical support to neighbouringcountries and the funding of UN humanitarian appeals for Syria.

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